The Band

The first video shoot marked the birth of The JOSHUA STEEVEN in their current line-up: Steeve on bass is also responsible for vocals together with Josh, and Mario supplies exactly the right keyboard sound.

Josh not only works on his guitar strings and shares the vocal parts with Steeve but also composes and co-produces the songs of the band. Some special performances and filming, such as on the Isle of Man, came soon  after their foundation.

And these are the boys from 'THE JOSHUA STEEVEN'':

Josh Weimeea, as songwriter and composer, is the creative brain of the band. That is not really surprising because all the signs pointed to music when he was born under the star sign of Aquarius.

Josh’s grandfather was the conductor of an orchestra, and his father later took on the same job and appeared with a dance combo as saxophonist and trumpeter. Josh loves cool fashion, writing, South America, Caribbean sounds, his guitars and – of course – hard guitar riffs.

Steeve Tiobueno also discovered his love of music early on. As a five-year-old he always went to bed with music playing, He visited a guitar school for a few years and then concentrated on the bass. Steeve likes his music loud with lots of fat guitar sounds. He's also a keen football fan and a passionate biker.

Mario Trapani on keyboards is the perfect musical complement to Steeve and Josh. Born in Castellana Sicula in Sicily, the music of the south runs in his veins but, in spite of that, he is the calming influence in the band. Musical versatility is one of his special qualities. Mario loves good food and Italian cooking.