About ...

The origins of the group go a long way back – back, in fact, to the legendary childhood of its founders, Josh Weimeea and Steeve Tiobueno. The two music-mad friends and neighbours used to do battle across their home street – and strained not only their full-on amplifiers but also the ears of the families living nearby - right up to the limits of their capacity. It didn't take long before numerous long evenings and nights were spent in the rehearsal room.

As a logical musical consequence, the first real rock band was founded with Josh on the guitar and Steeve on bass. The classical line-up of guitar, bass and drums chose a very descriptive name 'The Powerfreaks'. Josh, who comes from a family going back many musical generations, started writing songs at an early age and was able to flourish with the band around him.

The enthusiastic musicians lived up to their name at live gigs and pushed innumerable songs that had already made music history through the band's own sound machine, adapting them to their own style, and sprinkling their own new material in between.

The listening public were thrilled, and so it was natural that the first studio recordings were made during this period. Then keyboard virtuoso Mario Trapani joined the band.